Marcher Markholt

Terms and conditions

Free Agents™ terms and conditions for businesses

To make the process as easy as possible for you, a Free Agents™ freelancer is formally employed at Marcher Markholt, who’s behind Free Agents™. All billing and payment is handled by Marcher Markholt. Apart from this, Marcher Markholt is not involved in the collaboration between business and freelancer.

When you post a job on Free Agents™, you decide if you’d like to pay per hour, month or a fixed fee. You just indicate your preferred payment method directly on the platform.

When you hire a Free Agents™ freelancer, Marcher Markholt will charge the agreed fee to the freelancer plus a 15% fee to Marcher Markholt. We charge you when the contract is signed, and, for long-term projects, in the beginning of each month, so we can pay the freelancer by the end of the month. We then settle any outstanding sums.

Permanent hires
If you want to permanently hire your Free Agents™ freelancer after the freelance contract has ended (and up to half a year after the termination), Marcher Markholt will charge an additional fee equivalent to one month’s freelance fee for the recruitment.