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CMO of year 2021 in Sweden

CMO of year 2021 in Sweden

The time finally came to celebrate CMO of the Year 2021 in Sweden, and this year, we’re proud to have played an important role as an official sponsor together with Resumé, DN.se, Ocean Outdoor, Scream, Filmstaden, The North Alliance, Stim and Xtreme insight.

The price is celebrated for the sixteenth year in a row and 100 talented CMO’s has been in the run-up for the grand price celebrated and announced at the Grand Hôtel Stockholm on the 25th of November 2021. With the competition, we shine a light on talented leaders working with marketing and communication, inspiring learning and creating new opportunities.

For this year’s event, we wanted to shine an even brighter light on the qualities which characterize the 100 nominated CMO’s. As a talent agency working with professional assessments of candidates on C-level during screening processes, we are proud to have been able to highlight the most noteworthy characteristics of the 100 nominated CMO’s. 

After asking the nominees to do our Cubiks personality test, 3 personality traits stand out as a common denominator for the best CMO's in Sweden. 

Modern leaders

The nominees act as modern leaders and are a great reflection of 2021. They excess empathic leadership skills while understanding the contexts, experiences and needs of others, and being aware of their thoughts and feelings. They are leaders with strong, trusting and authentic relationships with their teams know that investing time in building bonds that make them more effective overall. 

High work pace

The next trait characterizing the nominees is a high work pace. In the past years, we’ve been increasingly interested in the impact of leaders’ preference for speed versus a “slow and steady” mode of operation. It’s clear that organizational processes, communication and human interactions overall in the world are speeding up. Many organizations are looking for ways to become more agile. The question that pops up is “do you want this done fast or right?” and the answer is always the same: “Yes!”. They choose not to compromise on either dimension, but instead, act as modern leaders with empathic leadership skills with the mindset that mistakes are not an option, and neither is slowing down.

Visible and uplifting

The last trait is visible and uplifting behavior. They make sure everyone is aligned on purpose and vision, they are truly present, and they are honest. We see it as an increasingly important topic because of its direct link to staff engagement, to the Net Promotor Score and to the retention of the right people in the organization. When keeping the right people, visibility enables greater certainty when building talent bench strength. The nominees walk the talk and they demonstrate the values of the business through their behavior when managing the performance of the people.


These 3 traits provide interesting guiding personality traits for the leaders of the future. Apart from these, the best CMO’s are naturally always looking for creative solutions. They recognize the value of innovation and are willing to take risks to facilitate it. Furthermore, they understand when to let go of the past and what they’ve grown accustomed to so that their team can move forward and explore new approaches.

On the basis of this, we’re proud to announce the winner of CMO of the year 2021 Sweden:


Maria Ziv, Group CMO of Max Burgers and now CMO of the year 2021 Sweden. 

Stort grattis from all of us at Marcher Markholt and Free Agents™.