Marcher Markholt
Product Marketing Manager

Contour Design

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David Breuer
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Product Marketing Manager for Contour Design

On behalf of Contour Design, we are looking for an ambitious and customer-focused Product Marketing Manager who will have product leadership from introduction to end-of-life and hold a key role in developing effective marketing strategies and plans. You will stay on top of industry trends and ESG best practices and frameworks to support storytelling, product growth and customer needs.

About Contour Design
Founded in 1995 by Steve Wang of Windham, New Hampshire, USA, Contour Design Inc. develops and sells ergonomic computer mouse devices that allow users to work safely on their computers without the risk of pain or strain. Contour Design, which sells and markets the products in Europe and US and is headquartered in Ballerup, Denmark.

Contour Design has been the market leader in the industry since the launch of their first ergonomic mouse. Their award-winning mouse - RollerMouse Red - is the result of many years of targeted research, development and design. Over the years, Contour Design has managed to shift the perception of ergonomic mouse devices as a tool for the few, to a tool for anyone who wants to prevent injuries as a result of working in front of the computer. Thus, it is no longer solely a question of symptom treatment, but the desire for greater profits and efficiency in everyday life that drives the investment in ergonomic mouse devices.

Contour Design also has partnerships with distributors and dealers of ergonomic office equipment in selected countries e.g., Benelux, Germany, France, United Kingdom, and the Nordics.

Contour Design realizes the social and environmental impact of their industry can have on local and global society, and they believe that good and profitable business can be done by doing sustainable and responsible business – and not in spite of it. 


The Position

As Product Marketing Manager (PMM) will be responsible for developing effective marketing strategies and plans to communicate the features and benefits of Contour Design’s products to their customers. You will have product leadership from introduction to end-of-life – both in the marketing and the sales organization. You will make pricing and forecasting recommendations to management and cross-functional teams, and you will be project lead on the product roadmap.

As PMM you are the voice of the customers – researching customer needs and experiences and using this knowledge to perfect products and services for improved customer experience. You will establish and drive customer focus groups to obtain valuable insights, and you will share your findings with the rest of the Marketing and Product Development organization.

You are expected to build and develop all product documentation, trainings, and presentations both for product launch and the rest of the product life cycle. You will drive internal product launch kick-offs to ensure a common platform across all markets, as well as cover product related PR statements and inquiries.

As PMM you will follow emerging technology, consumer, and societal trends closely and make recommendations for how products will leverage or fit into those emerging trends. You will give input for annual objectives and development plans for product marketing, and you will report to the Head of Product & Development.

 Your key responsibilites include:

    • From product launch to the life cycle end you will be responsible for the go-to-market strategy and marketing messaging – supporting both marketing and sales with needed material.
    • You will be responsible for maintaining and developing product positioning of all Contour Design products, including messaging, value proposition and benefits - both on product and category level.
    • You will stay on top of industry trends and ESG best practices and frameworks related to the UN SDGs to support storytelling, product growth and customer needs.
    • You will be responsible for the creation of all documentation related with the products and categories, from packaging, user guides and manuals to sales sheets and product training webinars.
    • Based on your product and market insights you are expected to provide recommendations on pricing and forecasting on product level.
    • Though customer focus groups you will obtain valuable insights on customer
      experience, product issues and development ideas.
    • By possessing expert knowledge of competitive and third-party products you
      will be able to articulate a competitive strategy.

Your Profile
You are an experienced product marketing professional with a strong digital profile and experience in successfully defining value propositions, messaging, and bringing new digital offerings to the market. You will have +5 years of experience in product marketing or product management from comparable roles and preferably have worked in either B2B2C or B2B. It is not required that you have prior experience from the computer hardware industry but bring the necessary curiosity and ability to quickly acquire and maintain in-depth business, product and solution, and market understanding, and be a customer and end user advocate. You have commercial flair that will benefit you in scenario planning and long-term positioning.

As a person, you are analytically strong, have the drive to source and ability to synthesizing data, insights, and information. Essentially to transform complex information into simple, yet impactful concepts and understandable language. You are outgoing, a strong networker and collaborator, who engages and manages multiple stakeholders across different levels of seniority and thrives in a social office environment. You have a curious and creative, yet structured attitude and are well-documented in your work. Not last, you are an inspiring communicator and storyteller, who is audience-minded and can motivate the people around you, making them collaborators and ambassadors for joint success.


If you wish to know more about the job, please contact contact David Breuer on mail: david@marchermarkholt.com or phone: +45 25 66 76 51.