Marcher Markholt
Managing Director

Antonelli Foundations

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Frida Hamilton
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Managing Director for Antonelli Foundations for Biodiversity Research and Conservation


On behalf of the Antonelli Foundations for Biodiversity Research and Conservation (Antonelli Foundations), we are looking for a strategic, driven, and entrepreneurial Managing Director with a passion for environmental issues to uphold the ethical values of the Foundations and ensure their successful expansion and consolidation.

About the Antonelli Foundations

The Antonelli Foundations for Biodiversity Research and Conservation were established to promote the research and conservation of biodiversity. The multiple and interlinked threats to biodiversity represent an immediate and critical challenge, with significant ramifications for climate change and broader environmental concerns.

To date there have been two foundations set up under the umbrella of “Antonelli Foundations”, one in Brazil which focuses on the flagship project ARAÇÁ (for more information, see: https://www.araca-project.org/) and one in Sweden called the “Antonelli Foundation for Biodiversity Research and Conservation Insamlingsstiftelse” (for more information, see: https://www.antonelli-foundations.org/). The aim, over time, is for both foundations to work with and support targeted projects and initiatives in research, education, and dissemination of knowledge, nature conservation, social entrepreneurship, technology development, and other areas. International and national collaborations will be developed as part of this.

The Swedish arm of the Antonelli Foundations was founded in 2023 by Alexandre and Anna Sveide Antonelli. Alexandre Antonelli is the Director of Science at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, in the UK, and Professor of Biodiversity and Systematics at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, and Anna Sveide Antonelli is the Head of Department at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. The establishment of the Swedish Foundation was made possible due to the generous support from the Ax:son Johnson family (Antonia Ax:son Johnson, Caroline and Johan Berg).


The position

As the Managing Director for the Antonelli Foundations, you will have the overall responsibility of setting the strategic direction for the Foundations with the support of the founders, ensuring successful growth and consolidation. Your formal employment will be with the Swedish arm of the Antonelli Foundations, but you will be expected to lead the support and development of the Swedish Foundation in close association with the Brazilian arm, and with time also play a crucial role in potentially setting up a UK-based foundation under the same umbrella and/or at other locations. You must be able to drive change and set a clear direction for the governance and future of the Antonelli Foundations on a global scale, as well as being able to implement those plans in an organized and structured manner. The position comes with a great amount of autonomy and responsibility, and it will give you the possibility of making your own mark within the statutory purposes of the Foundations, securing the future of their important work, as well as developing and prioritizing the collaborations and activities you consider most beneficial and effective.

As the Managing Director, you will initiate, oversee, and support fundraising activities and communication efforts. The role will require you to represent the Foundations in various fora, including being present at selected relevant events and meetings pertinent to the Foundations’ work and ensuring that appropriate meetings occur between stakeholders and potential donors. The work will encompass registering the Foundation's 90-account (a Swedish tax designation for charitable organizations), identifying potential donors, sponsoring companies, other foundations, and collaborators in Sweden and abroad, and scheduling information and fundraising events. You will be instrumental in the preparation and publishing of newsletters, press releases, and overall presence on social media, as well as disseminating information about the Foundations in various contexts, such as relevant fairs, conferences, and exhibitions.

Your responsibilities will include, inter alia:

  • Supporting the expansion and consolidation of the Foundations by setting, overseeing, and leading the strategic direction, both in the short-term and the long-term.

  • Development of a model for the distribution of the Foundation’s funds, such as through scholarships and application portals.

  • Building relationships and establishing structures to ensure that all legal requirements are met according to national requirements and the given timeline.

  • Creating announcements for funding opportunities, coordinating the evaluation of applications, setting up necessary contracts and other documentation with scholarship recipients, and requesting reports on how the funds have been used and what results have been achieved.

  • Preparing tax declarations, VAT reporting, financial accounting, etc for the Swedish Foundation. For these tasks, you will be able to seek assistance from the Foundation's authorized auditor or audit firms.

Office space is provided in Stockholm and London, with a preference for the latter. The role includes travelling.


Your profile

On a personal level, you come with a can-do attitude as well as a genuine belief in the importance of the Foundations’ vision and ambition. You have a vested personal interest in biodiversity, conservation and environmental issues, and possess excellent communication skills, both in written and spoken English and preferably also Swedish.

Your profile includes professional experience from a similar role within foundations, boards, or comparable organizational structures. You possess strong project management skills, and understand the balance required for effective governance, where strategic vision meets practical execution. You are structured, time-efficient, and process-savvy. From steering committees to advisory boards, you’ve showcased your adeptness in collaborating with diverse stakeholders, leveraging your expertise to drive impactful decisions and actions.

Moreover, you are a people-oriented leader, a highly collaborative individual, who places value on caring for others and fostering team unity and a healthy work environment. Your leadership style thrives on creating an open climate for dialogue, actively seeking and valuing feedback from all levels. You come with an entrepreneurial spirit as well as an optimistic and positive mindset for turning vision and strategy into concrete and scalable actions. For you, the sky is the limit, and nothing is impossible.


If you would like to know more about the job, please contact: Frida Hamilton at +46 72 3763 815 or by email: frida@marchermarkholt.com

Last application date: 9th of April 2024